Elias Wakeem/Madam Tayoush

Elias Wakeem, also known as Madam Tayoush. I am a final year student at the Fine Art Department of The Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, doing my BFA program, in Jerusalem-Palestine. I just finished a semester for an exchange program at The Cooper Union school of Art in New York. In my work, I combine drawing, painting, sculpture and video art into installations, and performance events, in order to present the mixture of identities I experience through my life journey. Through the performance I examine the reaction of the audience to my personal story that component the geography, history and political situation of the place I grew up in. My work is mostly presented within my studies, beside the monthly radical queer drag ball parties I held in the city of Jerusalem for two years before moving to New York, the parties were called “Jerusalem is Burning”.

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