Frank Roni

Frank Roni, Child Protection Specialist for Camps, UNICEF Jordan

Frank Roni graduated from New York University with a master’s degree in clinical social work in 1994 and obtained a certificate in clinical  family therapy from New Jersey Institute of Family Therapy. He has extensive experience in mental health and psychosocial programs in emergency situations. Roni worked in the State of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza) for more than 15 years with international and local NGOs, ICRC, and UN organizations. He worked in Jordan with the Iraqi refugees and then with the Syrian refugees and asylum seekers. He provided consultancy for organizations implementing mental health and psychosocial programs in Ghana, Thailand, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria. Roni developed training programs and diplomas in family therapy, school counseling, domestic violence, and child sexual abuse for Bier Ziet University. He worked for five years as instructor in psychology and social work at Bier Ziet University and Bethlehem University in the State of Palestine. He is currently responsible for all Child Protection programs in the five Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and the response to the asylum seekers at the Syrian borders the North Eastern Jordan.

His talk is titled “UNICEF Jordan Child Protection and Psychosocial response to the Syrian Crisis.”

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