Kevin Bath

Kevin G. Bath, Assistant Professor, Department of Cognitive Linguistic and Psychological Sciences, Brown University.

Kevin received his Ph.D. from Cornell University and then carried out postdoctoral training at Weill Cornell Medical College in the Department of Psychiatry. He joined Brown in 2011 and founded the Brown Rodent Behavioral Phenotyping Facility, a state of the art center for translational study of animal models of human pathology. Dr. Bath’s program of research focuses on the impact of early life stress on trajectories of neural and behavioral development in mouse models, with a focus on cognitive and affective outcomes. Using this approach, Dr. Bath is able to manipulate both genetic and environmental risk factors of pathology to identify potential substrates underlying both risk and resilience. Through collaborative endeavors, he is able to generate and test predictions about possible factors contributing to pathological outcomes in human populations. Dr. Bath has received a Young Investigator Award from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, and is a member of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology and International Society for Developmental Psychobiology.

The title of his talk will be: “Using translational models of early life stress to identify markers of risk and resilience”

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