Lama Abu Odeh

Lama Abu Odeh is a Law Professor at Georgetown University Law Center. Her writings include:

Egypt’s New Constitution: The Islamist Difference, in Constitutional Secularism in an Age of Religious Revival: the Challenges, Oxford University Press, 2013,

Of Law and the Revolution, U. PA. J. INT’L L, 2013, 

The Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt: The Limits of Liberal Political Science and CLS Analysis of Law Elsewhere, 59 Am. J. Comp. L. 985-1007 (2011),

Honor Killings and the Construction of Gender in Arab Societies, in The American Journal of Comparative Law (2010)

On Law and the Transition to the Market: The Case of Egypt in Emory Review of International Law (2010)

On the Wife and the Domestic Servant in the Arab World, in Tres Culuras, Sevilla, Spain (2010)

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