Maya El Helou

Maya El Helou is a feminist activist. She holds a master’s degree in Gender and Women studies in the Middle East and North Africa from the American University in Cairo. In her thesis she problematizes the concept of justice by looking at how justice is perceived among the feminist movement and women rights NGOs in Beirut. She critiques the United Nation’s dogmatic approach to rights and gender governance and argues that in this historical moment justice is everywhere and nowhere.

Maya was involved in salient civil society movements. She is a cofounder in the feminist media monitor Kherrberr that aimed to deconstruct the Lebanese media’s sexist, racist, classist, capitalist and homophobic approaches. She is currently the coordinator and organizer of  ardashat Jandariya under the Gender and Sexuality recourse center by the Arab Foundation of Freedom and Equality. Dardashat Jandariya are round tables around gender that aims to bridge academia and epistemology about the Middle East to activism by starting a conversation among young academics and activists in Beirut.

Maya currently lives in Beirut. She is a researcher with specific interest in migration studies, gender studies, sexuality, and geopolitical flux. She has a blog where she rants about everything and nothing

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