Samar Habib

Samar Habib is Associate Researcher at the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS, University of London. She joins the Sexualities and Queer Imaginaries in the Middle East Conference to speak about homosexuality and Islam, given her publications in this field. These include Islam and Homosexuality, an edited collection in two volumes, and Arabo-Islamic Texts on Female Homosexuality, among other shorter writings. Dr. Habib’s earlier work was published under the title Female Homosexuality in the Middle East and the critical translation of Elham Mansour’s novel, I Am You.  Dr. Habib recently compiled an annotated bibliography titled “Islam and Homosexuality,” which included over one hundred and fifty annotated entries. While the bibliography is currently under review, it promises to be a useful cartography of the research available on living culture(s) that constitute a juncture between Islam and homosexuality. Dr. Habib’s current research looks at gender and sexual minority activism and counter cultures in a range of contemporaneous geographical contexts.

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